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Welcome Back Senior Raiders of the Class of 2016!

Dear Class of 2016,      

It’s finally here!  This is the year; the culmination of thirteen years of education—your senior year!  We trust you are looking forward to it as much as we are.  There is every reason to believe that you, like the classes that preceded you, can set a high bar for all classes to follow. You have the powerful opportunity to define your identity as a class, your self as a young adult, and your lasting impact on North Farmington and the Raider tradition.  With this also comes the powerful responsibility of setting the tone and modeling for underclassmen what it means to be a Raider.  The faculty, staff, and administration want to do everything possible, together, to help you make that happen.

We believe that a great deal of the success of each school year depends on its senior class. You set the tone for everything.  Consequently, your pride, your decency, your treatment of others, and, most of all, your leadership will impact North more than any other group.  The legacy of North and your own identity that you create together will depend on each senior accepting his/her responsibility of voice, action, and progress.  The bar has been raised high by those who have preceded you—much is expected of you, individually and collectively.  

For some of you, it seems like this year took a long time to arrive.  For others, the time has flown by.  Regardless of perspective, your senior year has arrived, and few times in life are more special or defining.  Not only will you create memories for a lifetime, but more than any other year, this year can help you define the person you want to be in the world and the mark you want to leave upon it.  This year is yours; it can be anything you want it to be. Put another way, this year is a blank page and you are the author—what story will you fill your page with?

The 2015-2016 school year offers unique opportunities and challenges for all of us:  On a school-wide level, our administrative team will look to you to help foster the great culture and traditions of North and find ways that we can continue to further enrich North amidst the great deal of change that we are experiencing this year.  We bid farewell to the trimester system and now enter a new semester schedule for the year and an entirely new bell schedule.  We have seen some staff leave and will welcome new staff, as well as many new students and families, into the Raider family. Each of you, and your class collectively, will be critically instrumental in navigating this change, preserving and passing on our culture with both staff and new students.  On and individual and class level, as you prepare for, and live into, an exciting and constantly evolving future, you have the chance to ensure that you are better prepared than any other students out there by motivating yourself to make your senior year challenging and rewarding all the way through to graduation.  Our consistent challenge to you will be to ramp up your efforts this year, finish strong, and prove to yourself what you are truly capable of by the team your Senior fanfare arrives.  In this way, when you leave North, you will be ready, poised, and confident to face the challenges and opportunities the world will present you and you will know you have left North better than you found it.  The future is yours to build starting now; our task is to prepare you, provide support, and help you bring that to fruition.

I am so eager to see all of you back, to collaborate with you on making this a great year, making North one of the best schools in the nation, and helping each of you on your journeys to becoming some of the most capable, compassionate, and talented young adults able to compete in the 21st Century.  Along the way, we will look to the senior class for leadership, kindness, and enthusiasm in building the kind of place each of us will cherish and can be proud of.  Senior Raiders, welcome back to North!


Joe Greene, Principal

P.S.  Mark you calendar:  Seniors paint the rock at 8:00 pm on Labor Day night, Monday, September 7th!  Be there…bring paint!  This will be a great year to be RAIDERS!